Wantok and Democracy

Wantok Democracy is a Melanesian style of Democracy being promoted by the upcoming free and independent nation-state of the Republic of West Papua, situated in the Western half of the Isle of New Guinea.

for further information, please type the following terms in google.com or other search engines:
1. Tribal Democracy
2. Melanesian Democracy
3. Demokrasi Kesukuan
4. Republic of West Papua
This blog us updated by the Secretariat-General of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA) based in Yako Village, Sandaun Province, Independent State of Papua New Guinea.
Since 1 May 2019, WPRA has joined its command into United Liberation Movement (ULMWP) military command called West Papua Army (WPA).

The Task of This Blog

This blog is tasked to “Defend Wantok System as the Way forward, as the Melanesian Way for a better, peaceful and harmonious Melanesia!
To do this, this blog presents various information, news, opinions and comments on Melanesia, Wantok System and Socio-cultural issues relating to Wantok System.

Background Reason

Since westerners came into our Melanesian people and places, they first of all and directly, right away attacked the things that did not conform with what and who they were.
  1. They said “black” or “Melanesia” is wrong, uncivilized, stone-age, barbaric;
  2. They said, “Melanesia” means backward, unbelievers
  3. They said, “What Melanesians have” are wrong, totally wrong, therefore, all those Melanesians were holding at that time should be thrown away: Our names, Our land, Our customary names, Our beliefs.
  4. They said, “What they have is better and good for us Melanesians”, therefore, they gave us their religions, their modern way of life their nation-states, their cargo cults, etc.
  5. They said, “Melanesians do not know democracy” therefore, they exported democracy to Melanesian countries
  6. They said, “Wantok System” is destructive, deadly and bad for modernization and modern human development, and therefore, should be replaced by modern system, values and norms.

This blog is saying, “ALL THESE ARE LIES to manipulate, to take over, to control and to destroy our own being and selves“, and therefore, “we need to polish our Wantok System in order to compete with modern dynamics of progress and development“. Kicking Wantok System out from Melanesian academic and political discourses is the biggest mistake that every Melanesian have ever done in this life.

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