Gospel of Melanesia for Christians in Indonesia

A Free and Independent West Papua is “Good News for All Christians in Indonesia”. West Papua will become the centre for revival and evangelism across South East Asia and the Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will primarily focus in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and all Southeast Asian countries.

We invite all Christians in Indonesia, Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal or Jehovah Witnesses as well as the Seventh Day Adventist that the Government of the Republic of West Papua will raise funds and finance the Evangelism Projects of churches to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ across Southeast Asia.

A Free and Indpendent Republic of West Papua is declared based on God’s Love in Jesus Christ, for the glory and honour of His Name Only, in preparing the path for the King of kings and Lord of lords, for the Prince of Peace to come and judge the world according to our deeds and to rule the Earth forever.

A Free and Independent Republic of West Papua Will:

Fund All Church denominations in Indonesia to carry out evangelism activities all over Indonesia and beyond

The Gospel of Melanesia

Fund all churches in West Papua, Melanesia and Indonesia to spread the Gospel across Southeast Asia and beyond.

The Gospel of Melanesia

Fund all churches in Melanesia and Southeast Asia to build the Global Fasting, Prayer and Praise Centre to cultivate, nurture and share justice to the world to promote peace.

The Gospel of Melanesia

The Republic of West Papua will officially fund Churches in the Republic of Indonesia to win Southeastasia for Christ!