Sem Karoba: “Wantok System” Defines whether or not I am Really a Melanesian Person

Many Melanesian leaders and thinkers have been brainwashed to think that “Wantok System” is nepotism, and therefore Wantok System should be wiped out from Melanesian peoples in all aspects of life. Sem Karoba argues that it is “Wantok System that defines Melanesian peoples as Melanesians”. Karoba says, If you hate Wantok System, then you should … Read more

Government system crippled by wantok system

BY BEN BILUA,, Milton Ragaruma – WANTOK System (or nepotism) has invaded the government system and is identified as a major influential driver of poor services. Solomon Islands Public Service Satisfaction Survey Report, which was launched in 2016 and brought to light again during the Government Ministry leaders forum yesterday, shows wantok system topping the … Read more