Lima Unsur Pokok dalam UUDS NRWP yang Patut Diketahui Publik

Oleh Tim Ahli Pembuatan UUDS NRWP dari Parlemen Nasional West Papua (PNWP) Catatan Pembuka Undang-Undang Dasar Sementara Negara Republik West Papua (UUDS NRWP) yang baru-baru diajukan oleh Parlemen Nasional West Papua (PNWP) dan disahkan oleh Sidang Komite Legislatif ULMP III pada 18 Oktober 2020 tepat pukul 03:00 (kita diingatkan kembali tepat jam 03:00 ayam berkokok … Read more

Sem Karoba: “Wantok System” Defines whether or not I am Really a Melanesian Person

Many Melanesian leaders and thinkers have been brainwashed to think that “Wantok System” is nepotism, and therefore Wantok System should be wiped out from Melanesian peoples in all aspects of life. Sem Karoba argues that it is “Wantok System that defines Melanesian peoples as Melanesians”. Karoba says, If you hate Wantok System, then you should … Read more

Democracy concept lost

DEVELOPED democratic countries such as the US and UK elect leaders on merit and on certain requirements -especially policies.They elect people who know how to run a democracy. More so they have citizens who know and understand how democracy works. Having said that, it’s quite conflicting and contradictory to adopt a political system that is … Read more

Reflecting on the Wantok System after 40 years of community

Posted By Milton Ragaruma – By Derek Mane at the Island Sun ON the morning of July 7, 1978, Solomon Islanders in various locations throughout the country lower the Union Jack and raised the Solomon Islands flag. A birth of a new nation, 40 years later to be ravaged by a civil conflict in 1999 to 2003, … Read more

Government system crippled by wantok system

BY BEN BILUA,, Milton Ragaruma – WANTOK System (or nepotism) has invaded the government system and is identified as a major influential driver of poor services. Solomon Islands Public Service Satisfaction Survey Report, which was launched in 2016 and brought to light again during the Government Ministry leaders forum yesterday, shows wantok system topping the … Read more

A Chronology of PT Minersave’s (Freeport’s) Entry into Intan Jaya Regency, West Papua

This article from KOMISI, a group of students from Intan Jaya in West Papua (in co-operation with the Suara Papua website), recounts how the Freeport mining company, through its subsidiaries, established exploration activities in remote Intan Jaya regency over twenty years ago with the help of a western missionary. Currently, as local politicians grant permissions for further … Read more