A new Muslim in the Pacific : Islam in Vanuatu

Here’s an new Youtube video about Islam as practiced in Vanuatu, by ni-Vanuatu. It looks at the mosque in Mele village. It is interesting to hear that news of Vanuatu’s top place in the Happy Planet Index made it to the Islamic world, and that there are supposedly 1,000 Muslims on Tanna, followers of the ni-Vanuatu Muslim convert who called himself Nambanga (Banyan Tree). In Arabic, with english subtitles.

Source and to watchvideo go here: https://vanuatudigest.wordpress.com/ 


I encourage all Melanesians to remember that first of all Melanesia is equal to Christianity, and therefore, telling me other than that means I am a liar.

Secondly, and perhaps very important to note, is that Indonesia is the biggest Islam Empire on Earth today, and therefore, is putting big money into Melanesia, to conquer Melanesia economically, socially, and culturally, after colonizing West Papua and surrounding islands politically.

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