Democracy concept lost

DEVELOPED democratic countries such as the US and UK elect leaders on merit and on certain requirements -especially policies.
They elect people who know how to run a democracy.

More so they have citizens who know and understand how democracy works.

Having said that, it’s quite conflicting and contradictory to adopt a political system that is not complementary.

I say this because today in PNG, people still elect someone into parliament according to their cultural practices to run a democratic country.

It doesn’t matter whether he is educated or has good policies – as long as he is a ‘big man’ or a chief, he gets elected.

Almost 90 per cent of Papua New Guineans do not know what is democracy?

PNG was not ready to adopt the democratic system when it got its independence.

Maybe democracy was forced upon us.

Democracy can be seen to be fully responsible for all the problems that we are facing today in our political system and even in our social life.

Corruption is a by-product of democracy.

Wantok system is our culture but it’s bad for democracy.

Violence against women and children are topping the headlines because democracy is against the cultural norms.

Democracy teaches not to spank a child but here we beat them.

Our constitution was written according to the circumstances of PNG.

However, in the first place they have not adopted a system according to the circumstances of this country.

Seems like for 45 years, democracy has not found its mutual ground in PNG.

E. Ulach, UPNG, The National PNG

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